Unique minimalism for your Home Office

Focus on what matters

Organization translates into Focus. Having only the essentials at hand, when working, helps to keep the focus on what really matters.

Bamboo Wood

A unique texture and colourful variety

Keep Caring!

Support our planet and deliver the best of yourself.

MOKKU Headset Stand

Shaped to comfort your Headphones.
A well-crafted bamboo Headset Stand that will bring more style and space to your home office. With a smooth streamlined design, the MOKKU Headset Stand serves as the ideal spot to hold your Headphone.

Universal can be Unique

One size fits them all. Whether you use the MOKKU for your computer headset or your professional music headphones, the streamlined design and firm base are the perfect hallmarks to throne them.

Stable & Solid

The rounded, solid and well-constructed base provides an additional level of stability. The MOKKU is, therefore, the firm and steady holder for your headset and headphones.

RAUM Desk Organizer

Organize your Desk and Focus on what matters.

A Set of FOUR unique bamboo pieces. Each one is designed to elegantly fit in your workspace, and to provide you with organizing functionalities. They allow you to use what is needed and to focus on what matters.
  • Rasi, the bowl. Versatile storage that harmonizes your desk.
  • Aaye, the box. Universal recipient to store the daily small items. 
  • Urip, the lagoon. Free your hands and focus with the multifunctional holder for Smartphones, Tablets and Cards. 
  • Moru, the forest. Effortless organization for your pens and writing means.

Bring harmony and order to your desk

The Exceptional Hallmark of Natural Bamboo

Unique texture and colourful variety.


Bamboo is one of the woods with less density.

Fast growing

The fastest-growing plant in the world.
100% Biodegradable


Bamboo products can withstand 50 years and more.


A meaningful gift.

Plant a Tree with every order

Trees planted
CO2 Offset
15.56 t
Reforested soil
0.21 ha