7 tips to create a sustainable work environment at home

How to introduce green practices when working remotely. The good news is that working from home is already a green practice. And the bad news… there is no bad news, you still can do a few things to boost the sustainability of your home office. A few things you can start doing right now to be more eco-friendly:

  • Change to eco-friendly LED lighting
  • Put a waste separation and recycling bin under your desk
  • Switch to recycled paper, paper products, and packaging (do you need paper at all?)
  • Be aware of the office accessories you purchase (avoid plastic, encourage bamboo and other recyclable products)
  • Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in Winter and a few degrees higher in Summer
  • Get a portable desk: move to the warmest place of the apartment in Winter and to the coolest in Summer.
  • Close the applications you don’t use regularly on your computer and change the setting of the booting apps.
  • If possible use a laptop.
  • Turn down the brightness of your screen(s)
  • Add a plant. It won’t only add more oxygen to the planet, but it will also improve your productivity by up to 15%!

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