“Spiritual Ergonomics” at your workplace

Over the last years the word “Ergonomics” has caused rivers of ink to flow, specially within the workplace context. The workplace ergonomics has been defined as the science of designing the work space, keeping in mind the limitations and capabilities of the worker. A poor designed office can hurt people: backache, stiff neck, tennis elbow and many other injuries. That means also a lower productivity and quality. But what does mean that an office is ergonomic? It is a working environment that does not hurt you by removing or minimizing the risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal problems. Therefore you can find a lot of ergonomic furniture and accessories to help us remove those risks.

Thus, almost everybody knows that a ergonomics is usually focused on the physical risks. But today we want to introduce another concept that we can call “spiritual ergonomics”.

According to the study “New Paradigms in Ergonomics: The Positive Ergonomics“, the Spiritual ergonomics is based on the idea that spirit is a key factor that determines the employee’s health and success in the man-machine system. Therefore it does not only cover the musculoskeletal side of the health, but also the cognitive and mental health.

And which factors make the workplace environment to be spiritually healthier when working remotely?

  • Get some plants. For example, Angel got one and he named it Willson 🙂 That a sign that you also need to…
  • See other humans (and by the way, Zoom does not count)
  • Speak with some coworkers, have virtual coffees
  • Learn when it is over: 24/7 is a bad idea.
  • Create a routine: and don’t forget to schedule some breaks!
  • Get a wide desk, even if you don’t need that much space.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride (if possible in Nature!)
  • Keep your desk well organized. That what our MOKKU and R.A.U.M desk organizers are about!
  • Listen to some repetitive music without lyrics (check the ehomex’s Spotify playlist for home office)
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate!

Spiritual ergonomics are as important as the physical ergonomics when working from home. This is a new challenge that many of us have right now.

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